David Anderson - Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass

Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass - Vienna 27-29 May 2013

This 3-day leadership & coaching masterclass, formerly called the Advanced Kanban Masterclass, is for Kanban practitioners, consultants, coaches, change agents and managers. Spend 3-day of intense study with pioneer of Kanban, David J. Anderson. This workshop is limited to just 12 people. Achieve the educational requirements for the Kanban Coaching Professional designation from Lean-Kanban University.

This masterclass with the pioneer of Kanban is ideal for anyone tasked with leading a change initiative in their organization or at a client organization in the next year. It is suitable for managers, process engineers, change agents, experienced process or project management coaches and consultants. Attendees are expected to be familiar with the content of the book, “Kanban - Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business.

The Kanban Method takes an evolutionary, cultural approach to capability development, improvement and organizational performance. These intensive 3-day workshops will transfer the knowledge and skills to enable you to lead Lean transformations using the Kanban Method. This is your opportunity to get your hard questions answered by the originator of the Kanban Method and to develop deep ties in the community and network with fellow practitioners. All attendees will receive an automatic invitation to future Kanban Leadership Retreats - our series 2-day “consultants’ camp” format open space events for advanced practitioners and leaders in our community.


“The guided interactions with David and the rest of the class brought Kanban to life for me. The experience enabled me to view Kanban with the passion and depth that are necessary when working with those that are new to it.” - Alan Atlas, LKU Kanban Coaching Professional

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A copy of the Kanban book in physical or electronic format will be supplied upon registration. Attendees who already have a copy of the Kanban book can opt to receive a copy of Lessons in Agile Management book as an alternative.



Psychology of Change
Understanding the psychology of change will help you successfully introduce the Kanban Method, and help build a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.

Advanced Topics
This course goes beyond material covered in the “Kanban” book.  It includes topics such as applying cost of delay, class of service, kanban board design, CFD charts, and risk management.

Answers to the hard questions
How do you use metrics in Kanban? How can you use Little’s Law? How do you handle defect tracking? Every class is customized to answer YOUR questions.  The small class size means you go back to your workplace with answers you can apply.

Using Simulations
You will be introduced to the GetKanban game and the KanbanSim computer simulation. You will learn how to use these in the workplace to achieve greater success in less time.

“As the lead for Deloitte LEAN, a service offering dedicated to helping technology workers excel in their craft, I can speak first hand to the influence David’s class has had on how I have conducted numerous large scale organizational transformation initiatives” - Jeff Anderson, Deloitte LEAN, LKU Kanban Coaching Professional

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The workshop will open with a round table of introductions and shared Kanban experience. Each participant will be asked for a list of questions they’d like answered over the 3 day session and from this a topic backlog will be built. David will augment this backlog with essential topics and foundational material. The agenda for the remaining time will then be set to insure the fullest of coverage and the maximum value for all participants. The focus will be on shared experience and discussion of the hard questions that clients and team members ask coaches during the introduction of Lean ideas through the use of a kanban pull system. The workshop will include the use of the Kanban Sim by Focused Objective and the option of playing the GetKanban game simulation during one evening. The objective is to understand the use of games and simulation as tools for training and planning in the workplace.

The intent of limiting the workshop to a maximum of 12 attendees (typical attendance is around 8 people) is to have an interactive collaborative session designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning. Attendees should come prepared to discuss their own experiences with Kanban and challenging situations they’ve faced with change initiatives at clients or employers

The goal of the Kanban Coacihng Professional Masterclass is to enable participants to go back into the field and successfully coach Agile/Lean transitions using the Kanban approach. Every workshop is different because of the unique experiences of each participant and their specific focus and desired outcomes.

“This Kanban masterclass has helped me to deeply understand the Kanban method, with a more organizational and management point of view. Advanced topics such as change and risk management, and other models have been covered, which makes it complementary to David’s Kanban training class.” - Laurent Morriseau, Morisseau Consulting, LKU Kanban Coaching Professional

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Each participant will have completed the educational requirements for the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) designation from Lean-Kanban University. Attendees of this course will be eligible to register for this designation.  Kanban Coaching Professionals are entitled to use the KCP initials and badging, and are invited to exclusive events.  They are also listed on the Lean-Kanban University website and promoted by LKU.  Program fees apply.



Kanban offers process coaches and managers another tool in their transformation toolbox. It offers an evolutionary approach to change that focuses on the culture of the organization. Attendees will be introduced to the 3 Kanban Kata that are core to the approach. Kanban is proving to be a facilitator of evolutionary change with low resistance and an enabler of accelerated achievement of high levels of organizational maturity. Organizations embracing Kanban have been seen to improve predictability, risk management, governance and their capability to manage and embrace change.

“His teaching style is engaging and practical. His material is rich with real world examples. And the caliber of fellow attendees, and the conversation that engenders, is phenomenal. David and his team are on the elite short list of Lean-Kanban trainers around the globe.” - Jon Terry, LeanKit, LKU Kanban Coaching Professional

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Cancellation Policy – Please Note:

Substitutions are accepted at any time. Cancellations must be notified by email and refunds will be provided according to the following:
More than 10 days prior = 80% of course fee
5 to 10 days prior = 50% of course fee
Less than 5 days = no refund provided
DJAA reserves the right to postpone or cancel this event if there are insufficient registrations or if presenters are unable to attend due to illness. If necessary, you will be notified no later than 7 days prior to the event and all registration payments will be refunded promptly.  If circumstances require, presenters may be substituted for alternative qualified presenters with equivalent experience.


Vienna, Austria

Dates: 27th-29th of May

Venue: Hilton Vienna