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ASQ Seattle Kanban and High Maturity


I’m presenting my SEPG North America 2009 tutorial on Kanban and the accelerated emergence of high maturity behavior (aka CMMI ML4 & ML5) at the American Society for Quality Seattle Chapter this Thursday evening. Registration with dinner costs $25.

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I will be giving two 2-Day Kanban classes in April.

April 1st-2nd, The first is in Zeist, Netherlands with Olav Maassen as co-trainer

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For those who haven’t noticed, and perhaps we didn’t make it obvious, this year’s Kanban conference is the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta next month. Hurry! You only have two weeks to sign up at the regular price of $995 before the punitive last minute pricing of $1250 kicks in. grin

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Why Do We Use Kanban?



During my week in Argentina, I’ve been thinking hard about the correct motivations for adopting the Kanban Approach to change management and organizational culture. I’ve been asking myself hard questions about my own original motivations and why someone coming to it now would want to adopt the approach. I’ve concluded that I (and people I advise and coach) use Kanban for three main reasons.