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Is Kanban Just a Tool?

Rob Bowley has suggested that treating Kanban as a methodology is wrong when it is just a tool. He seems to be suggesting that Lean is the methodology and questions why we needed to call out Kanban in the title of Lean & Kanban 2009 and UK Lean & Kanban 2009.

Posted on May 20, 2009 by admin

Comparing Kanban to Scrum

Henrik Kniberg has written a white paper comparing Kanban to Scrum, "Kanban versus Scrum." The connotation of "vs" has had negative side-effects when used on the Kanbandev list so I will avoid it and use the term "compared to" instead.

Mike Bria has posted a response on InfoQ.

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Goals for using Kanban

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How to Start with Kanban

A long series of theads on the Kanbandev Yahoo! group brought me to the realization that we've (I and the main Kanban protagonists like Corey Ladas and Karl Scotland) have really failed to articulate a lot of the basics required to get started. I posted this short summary to the list but it is so useful it needs a wider audience. So here it is without any explanation. By all means post questions in the comments. I may blog specifically about individual steps at some later date.

To do Kanban...

Start with the process you are doing now. Then...